Everyday Life – My Coworkers Are Too Damn Funny

I came back from lunch today to find this:

You can bet I laughed my ass off!

9 Responses

  1. That is great! Did you laugh hard enough that you needed it?

  2. Zengoddess: I tried. But it didn’t work.

  3. Sex. Lots of Sex. That will get Rocket here.

  4. Some yellow crime tape blocking off your cubicle would’ve been the icing on the cake!

  5. They’ve got a point. You just can’t get that mucous plug smell out of those expensive office chairs.

  6. It took me a moment to realize why that plastic was there. That’s great!
    Ashley is right. Midwives often recommend sex!

  7. Hey, isn’t today the 25th? Could it be that you had him and I didn’t get my Turkey Baby?

  8. Man. Talk about being right on time! Congratulations!

  9. oh my goodness. I think I just almost peed my pants laughing.

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