Everyday Life – Any Resemblance?

Me at age 5.


We Represent The Lollipop Guild!

Apparently I have a small (heh heh) place in my heart for midgets. These are all the little (ha…ok last time, I swear) searches that have brought people to this blog.

crying midget – I think this person may have been looking for a cheaper alternative to an organ grinder’s monkey. Midgets also throw less poo.

italian midgets – I wonder if this search also brought up links to Joe Pesci and Ralph Macchio?

nude midget – Sadly, this person was trying to find an image of a penis, larger than his, to use as his avatar on Match.com.

midget in thong – Do you really want to see that?

gay midget cowboy – Here you go.

midgets and christmas lights – Ah! Two different kinds of holiday magic….also known as elves.

shitting midgets – As in midgets that are shitting or one who is shitting midgets? If the latter, I think you should seek medical attention.

midgets on a bike – I think this is the same person that was searching for the “crying midget.” Once again, they just illustrate what a cheap bastard they are when it comes to finding birthday party entertainment.

Disclaimer: No midgets were physically harmed in the writing of this post.

Spransy Quote of the Day

” If I roll La Chaim, you owe me five bucks.”

– said by my nephew, Rily, to my brother, Pete, while playing with a dreidel he found among the Christmas decorations.

101 Uses For Fruitcake – #69 (Heh Heh).

While we have yet to construct the annual gingerbread houses of doom, here is a little sampling of the holiday fun that is to come!

Everyday Life – Rocket and Me

Spransy Quote of the Day

Conversation that occurred after learning the name of my mom’s fellow teacher, Mr. Sprunt.

Dad: Isn’t that a feminine hygiene product?

Jeremy: Is that hyphenated?

Dad: I think it’s hymen-ated.

This Goes Out to LilSass

This is the look of someone about to shit their pants.