Say What?!

That’s right, folks! It’s time for the monthly “What The Hell Could She Possibly Reveal About Herself Now Holiday Questionaire Extravaganza!”

Please submit a question regarding something you are dying to know about me…or about anything really. I will answer them all!

And as an added bit of fun for today, here is a holiday version of one of my favorite things. The survey!

When do you start Christmas shopping? Usually after someone says, “Oh by the way, we are buying for family this year, after all.” This usually occurs sometime between Dec 20th and 24th.

Are you finished shopping? No, silly. It’s only the 16th of December. I still have 8 days to go!

How many people are you buying for? Undetermined at this point.

What are you leaving out for Santa? My tits. RRRRRRRAOOOOOORRR!!

Name 3 things you want for Christmas:

  • Chocolate
  • Bacon
  • OH! And chocolate

Are you traveling this year? For Christmas, or just in general?

If so, Where to? Narnia

What kind of stockings are hung at your house? Hanes Sheer Pantyhose with Medium Control Top. Those puppies can hold a fuck load of toys!

Do you have a fireplace/ chimney? I don’t; but, my house does.

Favorite things to get in your stocking? Bacon and other things posing as bacon or better yet, bacon posing as bacon.

Any family traditions? Blowing up Gingerbread Houses!

What foods does your family have every year at Christmas? Ham

What kind of tree do you have? Sadly, we have no tree. But one of these years we are going to get a HUUUUUGGGEE tree. It will be like our own little Rockefeller Center!

What are your 3 favorite ornaments on your tree?
We don’t have any yet, but I imagine in the future they will be:

  • The Tinsel Wrapped Mason Jar Lid Framed Photo of Rocket Ornament
  • The Plaster of Paris Holly Leaf and Berries Made By Rocket in First Grade Ornament
  • Rocket’s Red and Green Count Down to Christmas Paper Chain

What adorns the top of your tree? I would guess snow.

Do you collect anything Christmasy? Good God, No.

Can you name all 9 reindeer? Um…..Chauncy, Douche Bag, Spazztic, Ass Clown, Dickbill, Francine, Re Re, Cheetara and Dave.

Ever watch Ernest Saves Christmas? Absolutely I have!

What’s your favorite Christmas drink? Wassail.

Do you like Eggnog? Sometimes.

What flavor candy canes do you like? Cinnamon. But only because no one has developed the Bacon Cane.

Is Christmas still magical for you? Oh, so very magical.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Christmas lights glowing through the snow.

How many nativity scenes do you have in your house? We have up to no nativity scenes. I guess I could try to create one using our Star Wars Mr Potato Head Collection.

Have you been naughty or nice? Naughty. Very very naughty.

8 Responses

  1. I think you should make a nativity out os Star Wars figurines & Mr. Potato Head and then post pictures of it.

    I haven’t thought of a good question yet. How about: “What should I write about on my blog since my creative juices are all being funneled into the Etsy shop at the moment?” What, not a legit. question?!?

  2. Yeah I totally steal from you well questionnaire. I fixed Venice’s wish list you are correct she does not have a great need for books on photoshop.

  3. You do know that they make chocolate bacon, right?

  4. Oh I like that nativity scene idea! This is great to see, the survey, classic Sus! Nice!

  5. Man, I’ve had my xmas survey in the edit folder for days now. Looks like I’m’a need to step it up…
    So I haven’t had a question yet but I thought of one this time! 🙂
    Snow: Love it? Hate it? And what are your top three reasons for feeling this way?

  6. Why don’t you like Seinfeld? Top three different reasons please.

  7. Would you rather be strapped to the top of a bus driving cross country in a blizzard OR shove a Charlie Brown christmas tree up your ass slowly?

  8. How about, Can you get your rings back on yet? I think it took three months for me to be able to. Even though I lost all the weight I had gained, my fingers were like sausages. Must have had something to do with the giant boobs 😉

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