Parenting 101…I Think I am Passing…

We are almost to the one month mark and I think I am finally getting the hang of this parenting thing.


Oh shit. Sorry. *exhaling* Whew! I tried to say that with a straight face, but I couldn’t pull it off. I don’t really know what the hell I am doing, but things seem to be working out. Rocket is eating, sleeping, pooping, and trying to roll over already, so I guess I am doing something right. My parents and Jeremy say that I have taken to this like a fish to water. That makes me feel pretty good, since I feel like a total parenting retard at times.

It’s all just a big guessing game. He’s crying. Well is he wet? Maybe. Is he hungry? I don’t think so, I just fed him. He just spit up. Does he not like something you ate? You mean the chocolate chip cookies and the Cafe Rio? Yeah probably not. Oops. Sorry, little man.

The crying. So far it’s not bad. He cries, of course. But at this point, it’s not irritating, just heartbreaking. We are trying to get him on a good sleeping schedule to help him learn to sleep through the night. This means that sometimes we just have to let him cry. And cry. And cry. And oh dear god, can we please just go comfort our son?! Well, no. Babies need to be able to let off energy, often in the form of crying. But, he sounds so sad and what if he starts to feel neglected? He will be ok, don’t worry.

These are the conversations I have with myself while I am listening to him whimper and squeak and cry himself to sleep while I am working. And it SUCKS! I want nothing more than to run in there and pick him up and hold him and to tell him I love him and Mama’s here. And it’s even harder to tell Jeremy that he can’t pick up Rocket either, when I can see in his eyes that he is dying to makes things better or right for his son. And I don’t ever want to take time away from the two of them together.

Don’t take this to mean that we completely ignore the needs of Rocket. I have come to know the normal lengths of time that Rocket cries. I know when to let him cry and when we need to go pick him up and cuddle him. But it certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

Does it ever get easier?

I guess I don’t really want it to ever get easier. I don’t want to become desensitized to my son. Does that sound crazy? Does that happen?

I just think this little guy is so amazing. He is growing so fast, I can hardly stand it! I, already, had to readjust the straps in his car seat to the next size up. STOP GROWING UP! I am not ready for you to move on this quickly!

I need you to stay my little bear.

6 Responses

  1. It is such a surreal experience becoming a mother. You just know what a cry means and what you child needs. And I don’t think it ever goes away my mom still knows just what I need. Sounds crazy but it is true. You are so great with him and I can’t wait till I get to hold him.

  2. Awww, I love that bear suit! Seems like you’re all doing just fine!

  3. Love the pics. You are doing great sus! It never gets easier, you just get used to it. The worst is when they get sick and you have to retrain them because you have been cuddling them so much and all they want is you. Urgh, I am going through that with Syd. Good luck! He is a handsome one!

  4. I don’t think parenting gets easier, but the challenges change. You’ll get him on a good night time schedule and he won’t break your heart with tears, but something else will come up. Luckily the good outweighs the bad, and no matter how silly or hopeless you feel, I’m pretty sure you’re doing things right.

  5. It gets easier and then the kids change the rules, then it sucks again. Then you think you have caught on to what the new rules are, and the kids change them again. It is a vicious vicious cycle.

  6. Sus, my daughter is 8 and sometimes I think I STILL don’t know WHAT THE F*&^ I am doing.
    It’s just sort of the way that it is.
    If you are paying attention and WANT to do well, you will.
    And great pics!

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