To Busy Shuddering to Think of a Title.

OK I am sorry, but this is just fucking disturbing.

7 Responses

  1. Who’s the target market? I don’t understand. And..creep.

  2. holy mother of god…what the HELL is that? Why would I want one of those?
    I hope you stopping shuddering, though.

  3. this is very sick and wrong to put it mildly!!!!!!


    I don’t get this at all……….

  4. Where do you find this stuff?

  5. Gah! That’s so creepy! What’s wrong with people?!?

  6. Did you see the people who have them on 20/20 last week? Some of those scary little things cost 1400, and there’s a bunch of women who collect them, have real nurseries and all the baby gear and walk around in public treating them as real babies to get attention.

    It was creepy and SAD to see. Some were women who lost up to eight babies, but had already raised their kids and just want to have forever newborns in their life.

    As unbelievable as that is, that was not the most disturbing part of the show. Next up, they had women who nurse their 6, 8 and ELEVEN year old kids. I almost puked watching an 11 year old girl tell her mother she had “to have mommy” and then the mother whipping up her shirt for her to nurse. SCARY stuff, my friend!!!!

  7. Did you click into the gallery and see some of the other babies? At least the first baby had closed eyes! The ones with eyeballs were really creepy. Reborn? More like The UNborn!

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