What Do I Write About Now?

This is the fifth post I have started and I will probably delete this one as well. I can’t think of what to write. I am having doubts about my ability to produce something worth reading. I know that “this should be something I do for myself” blah blah blah. But if I wanted this to be just for me, why would I be writing on the internet? I enjoy the feedback I get from my readers. So in reality I am doing this more for you than for me.

That being said…are you going to get tired of hearing about Rocket all the time? I really worry about that. Do I want this to turn into a total mommy blog? I don’t know. But it kind of seems inevitable at the moment, as I am a new mom and that is what my entire life is right now.

What if I can’t think of anything witty or funny to say? Are you going to lose interest?

I want to make this a year where I really take the time to post thoughtful….well…posts. And already I am having a brain fart.

I hate to say it but, I need validation. I don’t know if it’s the large amounts of time I am spending with someone who gives me no feedback at this point, other than crying and shitting their pants (which occasionally works as feedback), but I guess I need to know that I still have the ability to communicate intelligently with the adult world. One can only speak in a high sing song voice and make up silly little songs for so long before they think, “Dear God, where did my brain go?”

Wow. I am rambling. See I can’t even write a coherent post. What am I going to do about this?


15 Responses

  1. Here’s the thing about life. As your life changes, so will the things you write about. Now that you’re a mother, I think it would almost be a lie not to write about your baby and what’s going on with your family.

    I think the most important thing is to keep going.

    You can work through your doubts, etc., and this is such a great community to keep in touch with 🙂

  2. Dear Lord, Woman, you just had a baby, give yerself a break. OF COURSE your brain is mush.

    The ol’ brain will take a while to figure out how to function in its new mom mode but I bet you’ll be as eloquent and hip and funny a blogger (mommy- or not) as ever you were.

    There, does that help? And I don’t know about these other foo’s, but I’ll never get tired of looking at Rocket or hearing about him. Unless he gets really funny looking, in which case I’d ask you to keep your pictures to yourself.

  3. Also, how can you not like cheese? Weirdo.

  4. Don’t stress! It’s okay. Loyal readers will read. This is life innit? When everything isn’t always so peachy or you hit a lull in the road. Sometimes I worry if I moan and whinge all the time on my blog about how life is just always SO HARD, but blah, whatevs. I get it out of my head, off my chest and onto the screen. If others feel the need to comment, then fabulous. If not, that’s cool too.

    I dig your blog. I don’t always comment, but I do enjoy the posts. If you want it to be a Mommy Blog, then go for it. But being a new mom is the most prominent thing in your life right now, so naturally you’ll tend to write more about it.

    I enjoy your posts and only wish the best for you and your growing family. Here’s to happy writing times. 🙂

  5. Yes, your blog is so fun to read and I enjoy it and I will keep on loving it if it turns into a mommy blog. I promise to comment more if you keep posting…I promise.

  6. Don’t worry hun it happens to the best of us! I swear it was a good two years before my husband and I could have an entire dinner with out once mentioning our first kid or poop during the conversation.

  7. Just think if you got a new computer or something wonderful (gadgets for me maybe paint for you?) you would talk about it and just think Ollie is like a million times better then new paints! Besides kids give you such interesting things to write about including stolen cats or massive poo explosions that leave your car never quite the same. I am always looking for that little button to pop saying you have written some more golden nuggets!

  8. Miss Grace: That is so true. The people I have “met” through this blog are incredible. Including you!

    Jess: You know you wouldn’t get tired of Rocket if he was funny looking. That’s just ridiculous! Oh and cheese tastes like ass. That’s how I can not like it.

    Sam: Thanks! I am glad to know you stop by to visit. And you are right. I will just write whatever comes out of this crazy brain of mine.

    Annie: When are you going to update your own blog?! You have been “Turning 25” for months now! And when are you going to come hang out with us?

    Kat: Wait! Poo ISN’T a part of everyday conversation?!

    Zengoddess: Oh how I enjoy hearing about stolen cats and poo explosions!!

  9. Ok, seriously. I love it when you are funny and I love when you are not. I just want to come read about your life. ESPECIALLY now that you are a mom. If you can’t write to us, right to rocket. He’ll listen someday. For now we can all be him and listen.
    Don’t stress. Just write.

  10. I read your blog alot although you have not heard me comment on here before……I met you at Ashleys baby shower. I love your blog at it is so creative and down to earth!!! Don’t stop writing about Rocket or anything else you want to “talk” about —I look forward to it. You have a great sense of humor about life and isn’t that what this is all about…life?! Rocket is a very important part of this and its great watching you walk on this new journey together! And a belated Congrats to you all too!!!!

  11. What everyone else has already said, and then some. Whatever you have to write about, I’ll read it.

    Unless you insult me. Then I’ll sulk around for a bit, and then come back and read.

  12. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a new mom. This blog business gets tough sometimes. There’s lots of times I can’t stand what I come up with, especially lately, but that’s writing, isn’t it?

    If you write it, girl, I will read it. And Grace is right, it would be weird not to write about a new baby. He’s the biggest thing that will EVER happen to your life, so you have to write about him.

  13. I agree with the rest. I don’t like leaving comments, but I check your blog everyday. It gives me something to do at work and it lets me check up on my nephew. Plus, whatever comes your way with this new mommy thing could very well be coming up in my life soon and I need the advice and know that anything can be laughed through. (and, no, this was not an announcement)

  14. I’ll read if it’s a witty blog commenting on society, a celebrity-gossip blog, a mommy blog or even a pictures-of-mullets blog!

  15. Damn, you called my bluff.

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