You People Are The Coolest.

First off, I must say thank you, for once again putting up with my moments of self doubt. I loved all of your comments and have actually read them a couple times. And now that I have no fear of running anyone off (which I guess would have happened by now with my excessive use of words like “totally” and “awesome”… you thought I was going to say “cocksucker” didn’t you, you dirty dirty bird!), I shall begin to post with reckless abandon!

O-Pants (yet another name we call Rocket) is 6 weeks old and rapidly on his way to 15 and chasing after girls. Or I should say girls chasing after him. I mean look at him! He’s ridiculously cute.

And those eyes! He has the most delicious chocolate brown eyes.

He is getting quite good at holding his head up for longer periods of time. But he still has this cute Kathryn Hepburn thing goin’ on. It’s darling….until he cracks his face into your collar bone. And then the face he makes! Oh the face! There is this slight pause and then this look of “oh I am pretty sure I didn’t like that at all!” before his high pitched little squeal comes rushing out. Breaks your heart, I tell you!

He is wicked shma’t, too. He knows exactly who I am. If he is crying while napping, and I go to check on him, the instant my face peers over the side of his crib he stops. And he knows when I am going to put him down for a nap as well. Yesterday was a particularly clingy day for him. As I was bending over to lay him down, he got this paniced look of “What the fuck to you think you are doing!” and grabbed onto my shirt with his little fist. I had to pry his little fingers off!

(Speaking of napping. He was. But he just sneezed and I guess it scared him, because now he’s crying. Ha! Better go check on the little guy.)

So where was I? Oh yes. Our brilliant child. (Are you sure you aren’t going to get sick of this?!) When I read to him he just stares at me the entire time with this intense focus. I hope this means that he will gain an early interest in reading and not that he is just trying to let out the last of his holiday cheer, if you know what I mean.

Me? You want to hear about me? Well…I am doing pretty good, overall. I still have these moments of feeling like I am completely failing as a parent. But I think with time, those moments will lessen. Not completely go away, I am sure, just maybe not be as frequent. I guess the hardest thing right now is the lack of verbal communication. There is plenty of AUDIBLE COMMUNICATION!! (I am sorry, kiddo, I don’t speak freaky deaky dutch. I don’t always know what you need.) That sounds like he goes into purple face mode all the time. He doesn’t. He is actually a remarkably good baby, but he does have his moments. So, you know, I just try these little experiments. Some of them work great. Others are a complete FAIL. Some (and these are my favorites) give you this sense of hope that they might actually be working. And just when you think you have things figured out, the parenting gods laugh in your face! “Haha, sucka! We was just fuckin’ wit’ choo!”

But you know, as cliche as it may sound, it’s times like these that make it all worthwhile.

8 Responses

  1. See! We want this!

  2. Yes! We do want this! We want to hear how you are, whatever that may be at the time.

    So tell me… what’s your favorite O-face?

    (And I don’t mean that like it sounds… I’m talkin’ about your kid.)

  3. Sus, I don’t know how to tell you this so I’m just going to come out and say it. Jeremy looks like a black man in that picture. And I know he’s not a black man. And I realize the picture is black and white but for some reason … he looks black. Which is weird, because he’s not naked in the picture. (Hahahahaha! Oh man, that was a good one!!)

    No but serious.

    He looks black.

    Don’t worry. Your kid still looks white.

  4. Cute cute pictures. I love that little dealyed shrieking they do. Anthony & I would call that the windup. Noah would open his mouth like he was screaming but there was no sound as he’d pull in breath. “Oh, here’s the wind-up.” We’d say. And then would come the noise. lol They’re so much fun!

  5. I have to agree with you, he is a cutie! I hope I can meet him next week when we come to town! We will be there thurs-thurs!

  6. oh dude, and what lilsass said…jeremy does look black in that pic. That’s awesome!

  7. I was going to ask who the black man was, but they beat me to it 😉

  8. This is exactly what we want to hear. Lil moonspun has always loved being read to. Still does, so get used to it!
    OH I am a sucker for chocolate brown eyes! Though they may change over time, you never know.
    Enjoy your new journey as a mom and family, just keep telling us about it.

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