Strange Awakenings

At about five this morning Jeremy bolts upright in bed and says, “Can you hear that?! It sounds like a little kid screaming!” So I turn my hearing from Rocket (you know how you can go into “parent hearing mode” and all you hear is the faintest breathing of your child) to the outside world and sure enough there is the sound of a little kid wailing outside.

Jeremy rushes over to peek out of the blinds and there is a kid, about one year old, standing out on the sidewalk in the cold in just his jammies. It is dark, cold, and he is completely alone. Jeremy quickly starts getting dressed and says, “I have to go out and get him!”

Just before Jeremy heads out the door, he takes another look to see if anyone has come to this child’s rescue and sees that its mother is kneeling down in front of him. He said it looked like she was reprimanding him. Which, you know, fine. I can understand how you could get so scared that you hit the point of being pissed. But it’s fucking cold. Could you maybe do this inside?

We think what happened was the kid was tall enough to open the door from the inside, but once he reached stepped off the threshold, he couldn’t reach the doorknob from the outside. Scary.

I am glad Jeremy heard him. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened, if no one had been there to find him.

9 Responses

  1. Wow that is really freaky. Just to imagine hearing a child wailing outside in the dark is enough to make me shiver. Good thing Jeremy has bionic hearing.

  2. How scary! I’m so glad my son was never an escape artist.

  3. Oh sad! It is so scary when they can open doors on their own, then you REALLY have to pay attention… especially with the bathroom door, D is constantly opening it and Syd crawls in and puts her hands in the toilet. NASTY!

  4. Yeah, that must have been pretty scary for the kid.

    The question that remains is, why didn’t they have a child lock on the door?

  5. I have a nephew that was an escape artist when he was a little tyke no matter how many locks they put on the door. His mom lived two streets from us and one morning as I was drying my hair I hear him crying Im thinking that Im just hearing things, so I shut off the dryer and go outside and there he is in his jammies wandering down the street. His mom was oblivious to this when I called her and told her her kid was out. At least this mom had a clue.

  6. Scary. I have the lock up at the top of my door. Badass, my son figured out child locks when he was about 1 1/2.

  7. My daughter is far to smart for her own good. She is a ninja and I pray I don’t find myself in this situation but I fear that with her I may find myself there.

  8. We found a tiny little toddler wandering the street alone a couple years back. I grabbed her and started knocking on doors – I found her house. When I knocked the glass storm door sucked inward from their AC pressure and that’s how she must have escaped. A kid, maybe ten years old came to the door and said “Do you know where this little girl lives?” and he looked at me like I was crazy. Then some sleepy woman came through a door and took over. I handed over the baby and left – could hear her yelling at her boy, like it’s his job to keep the kids in while she sleeps the day away. I was so thrilled when I heard just a few months later that she was having baby number six. 🙂

  9. That is freaky. Good ears on Jeremy!

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