A Little of Column A, Little of Column B

  • This was the busiest work day I have had in ages. Add a baby to the mix and you could say I am feeling quite frazzled!
  • Remember Fraggle Rock? Wasn’t that show awesome?!
  • Rocket HATES tummy time. Just look. And for the record, he pulled that little gesture on his own. He is truly my kid.
  • Speaking of Rocket, check out his new cap! He’s worried about how he will be able to handle the hoards of adoring women.
  • Sometimes when I am changing Ollie’s diaper, I make up songs to the tune of Little Bunny Foo Foo. For example:
    Little stinky doo doo
    You just let a poo poo
    Now there’s fecal matter
    All over your little butt!
  • I have a gift card to Barnes and Noble, and I can’t decide what book/books I should purchase. Any suggestions?

12 Responses

  1. I’m not buying that he hates tummy time. He looks quite content to me. Seems like he’s flipping you off for taking his picture while he’s trying to sleep, which is exactly what I would do.

  2. I know I know I know!!!!! Buy Wally Lamb’s new Book The Hour I First Believed. I huuuump me some Wally Lamb and I got it for Christmas and I CAN’T.FRIGGIN.WAIT. to finish my current book so I can start. Wanna read together? Yeah it’s big and hardback whatevs, we can totally do it this time! (TWSS)

  3. Nice form, little man.

  4. I’m reading Middlesex and it’s awesome. My sister the book-eater gave it to me for Christmas.

  5. Nice finger gesture! Thinking he didn’t want anyone taking any damned pictures of him! Cool hat for a cool little dude!….Oh…and kids love songs that you sing..especially ones about poop and bodily functions!!

  6. Is it me, or is his middle finger really long???
    Love the hat, it’s very cute. Be forewarned, they don’t usually keep them on that long, once they can really grab.
    I don’t have any good book suggestions. I am back in class and reading military history!

  7. Dude he gets cuter ever day and if you can be cute whilst flipping off the world you got it made!

    I’ve had the Fragglerock theme song as my cell phone ringer forever… saw the DVD collection at Bestbuy and almost convinced myself that it was a necessity.

  8. I am reading Crank by Hopkins, so far pretty good, but I am also in the middle of Inkdeath and you already have that.

    Be careful with hats, I hear that they can change the shape of little one’s ears. So, if you don’t want his ears to start to fold over, I wouldn’t put them on him very often.

    Do you know that Steve has never seen Fraggle Rock. I tried to pull it up on youtube and he doesn’t remember it.

  9. Hahah, three nippled ginger midgets?! How do you find out what people search for and how it ends up at your blog?

  10. hehehe love the little poo ditty. 😉

  11. That baby is my new hero. For serious.

  12. Fraggle Rock was so awesome. I used to get so excited at the opening song. You know what’s pretty awesome, too? That plaid hat.

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