Seven Hours of Pure Heaven

I would like to announce that, for the past two nights, Rocket has slept all the way through the night. (Cue massive choir of angels. HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH!) I had forgotten how incredible seven straight hours sleep can be. Shit. Forget incredible. It is down right fucking MAGICAL! I don’t know if it’s this cycle we have him on, or the nighttime tubbies…

… but whatever it is, it is working. And he is eating like a champion. Today he ate for 30 minutes, straight. I couldn’t believe it! He must be going through some sort of growth spurt. He is getting SO BIG!! He is already wearing 3 – 6 month clothing.

Remember his kick ass bear suit? Yeah. No chance I am getting him into that now. The suit would be more likely to sit up and give me the finger.

As much as I want it to stop, I have to admit that I love seeing him reach new milestones. Although it is really all him, I get a sense of accomplishment. Like I am really doing alright at this whole parenting thing. Parent. That word still blows my mind. I’m not a parent. Shit. I’m just a kid. For Pete sakes, I still laugh at farts!

Still, nothing is more satisfying than walking into the room and having your child smile and coo at you in recognition. Melts my heart EVERY TIME! I just can’t get enough.

And the discoveries! Like his foot! Fascinating to this kid.

You can just see in his face that he is trying to take it all in. So focused at alert. It’s amazing to watch him grow and learn.

Look at me ramblin’ on like the proud parent that I am. But can you blame me? Rocket kicks some serious ass!

7 Responses

  1. I LOVE that Foot Discovery photo. You have to frame that puppy.

  2. OMG He’s so cute I could die. Couldn’t you just munch on those cheeks forever??

  3. Love the baby feet so much!!!! My son took to sleeping through the night very early on. Granted, he cried all day, but he slept all night, and it’s never changed. Here’s hoping your little man sticks with it!

  4. I think he gets more awesome with each picture you show.

  5. Cut pictures! I love it when babies notice their feet. It’s so cute to see them in discovery mode. 🙂

  6. Ever since those e-Trade commercials, I can totally imagine babies talking like adults. In that bottom one he’s like, “What’s all this fuss about? So a brother had a few restless nights?” Ha!

  7. You don’t really believe when people tell you that they grow fast until you see it yourself!
    I love his eyes.

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