A Little Tribute For Our Little One

Everyday Life – You Don’t Need to See His Identification.

I found this picture last night in a box of old things. This was at a friend’s birthday party, when I was about six. If you can’t tell, I am the forlorn looking Jawa in the front left.

A Little Thursday Anecdote – by Rocket.

“Hey. How’s it goin’?”

“So get this. The other day, I am laying in my crib and I hear someone start gruntin’ and groanin’.”

“I know, right?! It’s totally sick!”

“So…haha!…then..heh!…I hear this guy…hahaha…completely SHIT HIS PANTS!!!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SERIOUSLY! Oh man, can you even believe it?!”

“Oh. Hold up. Fuck. I think that was me.”

Just a Quiet Evening at Home

Jeremy: That was so much shit. If I hadn’t flushed three times, it would have tickled my ass.

Ha ha! Sick.

Jeremy: You are going to put that on your blog, aren’t you?

Me: No.

There was so much shit, if I hadn’t flushed three times, it would have done chalk drawings on my ass. Put that on your blog and smoke it!

Everyday Life – Just a Damn Cute Picture of Rocket


Pronunciation: ’ā-tē • ’tü • ’fif-tē

8.jpg Number of chocolate chip cookies I ate today. That was a bad idea. Very bad.

2.jpg Age Venice (daughter of Zen Goddess will be tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUNCHKIN!

5.jpg Number of hours Rocket slept in a row, last night. Heavenly.

0.jpg Things that suck about this picture of Jeremy. Seriously, how could you NOT fall head over heels in love with this guy.

In case you can’t tell, he is skateboarding off the top of his ’59 Chevy Biscayne. Rock on.

A Disgraceful Interview

I decided to play along in the creative meme being passed around by Miss Grace. She has sent me a few provocative and soul searching questions to answer in a mini interview. I know you are all dying to hear the answers, so……ready…..go!

1. What do you miss the most about your pre-baby life?

This is hard to say. It has changed from the day Rocket was born to now. At first I really really missed and had a hard time of letting go of the idea of “Jeremy and Me.” It was no longer the two of us. And although we had had over a decade of time to spend as just us, I wondered if that had been enough. If we had rushed into this too soon. But as time as passed, I realize that I COULDN’T IMAGINE life with out our little boy. I think he has brought us even closer. I love seeing Jeremy interact with him. And I love it when he walks into the door, after coming home from work, and says, “Hello, my little family!” So, I guess at this point all I really miss is the ability to sleep for 8 hours in a row. Fortunately, that won’t be gone forever.

2. What changed once you became a mother that you were totally unprepared for/unwarned?

My ability to do good hair (*spoken with a southern accent ala Daryl Hannah in Steel Magnolias*). Seriously though, my hair sucks right now.

3. Pick a single materialistic and unnecessary object that you wish you owned at THIS second.

A video camera.

4. Would you rather have a shopping mall or a freeway interchange named after you? Why?

Hmmm that is a tough one. I would have to say shopping mall, because they, occassionally, get jingles written about them. I would like my own catchy little tune. No one ever writes songs about freeway interchanges. Well I guess there is that shitty “Life is a Highway” song, but that’s not the same thing.

5. Guitar Hero is banned from the world (Rock Band too). How do you spend your evenings?

So I realize from my blog that it seems like I spend a ridiculous amount of time playing Guitar Hero, but I really don’t. Ok maybe for the first few days that I have it. But by then I have beaten the game. And while it still is fun, it’s not the same challenge as it was before, so I don’t play it as often.

That being said, I would do what I usually do. Read one of the many books I am reading at the time, play the piano, watch a movie with Jer, or do something artsy fartsy.

Feeling narcissistic, too? Post a comment here saying so. I’ll send you some questions. Answer them on your blog, and pass it on.