Everyday Life – I Hope to Pass My Love of Reading on to Rocket.

The other day I went to our local thrift store to look for books for Rocket. I walked out with a gold mine!!

I walked away with TWENTY-ONE books! And just guess what the grand total was?

You’ll never guess.

Nineteen American Dollars. That’s an average of 90¢ per book!

My favorite find was this:

Just Look at the beautiful illustrations (have I ever mentioned that I want to illustrate children’s books?).


At a regular bookstore, this book will cost you $17.00. Want to know what I paid?


We salute you, Mr. Thrift Store Inventor Guy.

Side note:

This is what happens when I have free time. I reorganize by book shelf. . .by color.

10 Responses

  1. Oh’ my gosh, I think I just had an orgasm! I love great cheap deals! And the organization!

  2. The organizing of books by color instead of by height then thickness would drive me insane. I guess I might have OCD.

  3. Oh my, oh my… and I thought I was obsessive about organizing and reorganizing MY huge book collection! I don’t think I’ve ever done it by COLOR! lmao

  4. I worked at a Barnes and Noble far to long to deal with color organization. I still have a hard time not adjusting the shelf’s as we walk through book stores.

  5. I DO love Make Way For Ducklings. But it IS long.

  6. where do you like to go for thrift store book finds??

  7. Wow, that book shelf is THE SHIT! Congrats on that. And, you just totally made me miss storytime. Remember when the teacher would stop to show you the picture pages and all the kids’ heads would follow the book like they were hypnotized? Awesome.

  8. I’m a color coded book organizer, too! It’s less painful on the eyes I think. I like to lay some down and stack them and then line some up on either side, and they have to be arranged by height, too. Yeah, I’m nuts!

  9. My favorite kid’s book is Ten Hungry Monsters. I love the illustrations too.

  10. Ok, first I have to say that you can never have too many books! Especially for a kid! Second, I (and now lil moonspun) have an original copy of Make Way for Ducklings that is from the 40’s when my dad was young. It’s lovely.
    How exciting that you got so many cool books. Make sure you get some Boynton Board books, they are fabulous and fun to read, especially for babies.
    oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color coding of books. It’s looks very cool!

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