It is I, Captain Vegetable!

A few days ago, I took Rocket to his 4 month follow up and, once again, the poor little guy was stabbed repeatedly by an evil, evil bitch. Ok. Ok. She was actually very nice and worked very quickly. But I hate the fact that he gets the first shot and then looks at me like, “GODDAMNIT WOMAN! I THOUGHT WE TALKED ABOUT THIS!” I fear that as he gets older, and more aware of what is happening, these vaccinations are going to get worse and worse.

The next day, whenever I would lay him down, he would FUCKING. FREAK. I kept imagining him putting two and two together…”Hmmmm…the last time she laid me down like this….WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!”

So. It’s been a little rough these last couple days. And there has been vast amounts of holding and cuddling, and apologies.

But on a more exciting note, Rocket is growing, phenomenally. He is 14 lb 9 oz and 27 inches long. Big! It’s ridiculous to put him next to a baby his same age. He looks like Andre the Giant. I’m going to have to teach him to fight, sportsman like.

The doctor also told us that we could start introducing him to rice cereals and fruits, etc. Jeremy was totally stoked to find this out and asked if he could be the first to feed him. How cute is that! So, today I picked up a couple different flavors of cereal and a few little jars of baby food to try out.

Jer decided to try out carrots. It was so adorable to watch him carefully feed Rocket, and to wait in anticipation for his reaction. Does he like it? Does he know what to do with this? He does! Check it out! He’s eating real food!! Truthfully, I got a little choked up. It was such a sweet moment between Jer and Rocket.

He is also cutting his first tooth. So the poor little guy will just start screaming and screaming, out of nowhere. By the time we get his gums covered in novocaine, or whatever the hell that stuff is, he has worked himself up into such a frenzy that it takes a good twenty minutes to calm him down, after which, he passes. out. I hope he gets all of his teeth very quickly. I can’t stand to see him so miserable. I also can’t wait until we get some teefers in the cute little mug of his!

Our little boy is growing up.

5 Responses

  1. He really is growing! I loved that stage. Granted, four months is when my kid finally stopped screaming all day, every day 😉

    Frozen facecloths worked well for my son’s teething pain.

    Great pic of the men of the house!!!!!

  2. Oh MY god! Are those argyle socks he is wearing? those ROCK! And I love the pic of him and Jeremy, that ‘s a classic. I bet that would cool printed in black and white and mounted in a floating frame.
    ANYway…my other mom piece of advice…never, ever buy bananas in a jar. They suck! If you want to feed him bananas, munch one up yourself, it’s easy,quick and tastes so much better!.

  3. Those argyle socks are just TOO much cuteness.

  4. Oh man, he is adorable! i love the pic of him and Jeremy together. I am glad you are back Sus.!

  5. I love how one little shoe is kicked off his bitty foot.

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