Tiny Little Searches

I am thinking I may need to change the title of this blog to “Midgets Are Everywhere.”

Look at the searches, over the past week, that brought people to this site:
chocolate midgets
happy birthday midget
long haired midget
giada delaurentis midget
midget freaks
tiny cowboy (Haha! That one’s my favorite.)
midgets in thongs
midget sandwich

6 Responses

  1. Have I ever made mention of the time, in Italy, that a friend and I rounded a corner and stumbled upon two midgets circling each other, wielding chains?

  2. Come Feb 5th, I expect you to send me a Happy Birthday midget!

  3. Wow, your readers are obsessed with midgets eh? I like the tiny cowboy one. It’s like a midget search only sneaky.

  4. Did I not mention that I’m a midget? 🙂

  5. seriously, those are funny…

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