Long Time, No Three.

Three Things I Am Excited About:
1. Spending more quality time with Oliver. Some changes were made recently to my position at my place of employment that do not allow me the ability to work from home. So we have decided that I will be a stay at home mom for a bit, until I can find a suitable replacement. For my job, silly. Not for me.

2. Our upcoming trip to Las Vegas with Annie! A few years ago we took her to Disneyland for her birthday and, as I have stated before, it was the GREATEST. VACATION. EVER!!! So this year, since she has never been, we are taking her to Las Vegas, for a weekend of gambling and strippers. And by “gambling and strippers,” I mean betting and whores. Just thought I would clarify that point.

3. Photoshop. Seriously. Ever since I had my mac repaired, I have spent hours screwing around with this program, learning how to do all sorts of cool shit. I am going to put this to good use, in the near future, with a fancy new website! Ok, in reality, it will probably still be a year or so before it is completed…that’s the kind of timeframe I’m on these days.

Three Things I Love About Rocket:
1. He has become very adept at rolling from his back to his stomach. The only bad thing about this is that, as you may recall, he is not too fond of tummy time. Shortly after he has rolled over, he freaks out. So, I try to teach/help him to roll back onto his back. In the two seconds it takes me to sit back at my desk, he has rolled onto his stomach again. And so the cycle continues. Hopefully, soon, the only cycle that will continue will be the rolling of Ollie. Front. Back. Front. Back. Front. Back.

2. Rocket has discovered that the cooing noises he has been making are coming from himself. Now he makes all sort of hilarious noises to test out what he can do with his voice. And he get this very curious look on his face like he’s thinking, “Hmmm. I wonder what it will sound like if I do this?!”

3. He has begun to understand that Jeremy is “Daddy.” When Jer gets home from work, I will say in an excited voice, “YEAH!! Daddy’s home!!” Rocket will instantly start wiggling and looking all around trying to see him. When he finally does, he busts out with a HUGE grin. Love it!.

Three Things That I Just Don’t Understand:
1. People that just sit and watch you struggle, when you obviously could use some help. This happens all. the. time. For example, today I picked up dinner at Cafe Rio, for Jer and me. I am trying to finagle a large bag of food, drinks, my purse, and a car seat, through a crowded restaurant. Do you think anyone could scoot in a little so I could get by with out smacking them in the head with the carseat? No. So I make an extra effort to “lose my balance” and knock into their chairs. Dicks. Then, do you think the people coming into the restaurant could get the door, or at least hold it, after they come in, to let me go out? NO! In fact they will stand there, looking at me, WAITING for me to open the door! It’s ok. I got it. I got it! Oh, let me hold that for you. Fuckwad.

2. People who merge onto a freeway going less than 65 mph. Seriously? Are you trying to get us all killed? I almost rear-ended a lady, once, who decided it was necessary to come to a complete stop and LOOK before she pulled into traffic. Brilliant.

3. How such a nasty fart can come from such a tiny little person. Rocket’s gas occassionally smells like the ass end of a dead rhino. I am in for a world of trouble when the fart wars start with his father. God help us all.

4 Responses

  1. Rude people suck, and they’re everywhere! Usually, carrying a car seat gets you a bit of sympathy, though.

  2. I think you should merge with the rude people with your car. That’d teach ’em a lesson.

  3. Rude peole sure do suck…and the worst part, have NO idea they are being rude!
    Love hearing about the Rocket updates…the fart made me laugh aloud…
    And congrats on being a stay at home mom…it’s probably meant to be and what you need. So enjoy!

  4. I do wonder how babies have such rank farts. Peanut has the smelliest ass EVER.

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