I Love You, Baby.

I hope he doesn’t mind, but I wanted to share a letter that Jeremy wrote for me, a few years ago. The circumstances as to why he wrote this are not important; let me just say, this is one of the most incredible things he has ever given to me. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect husband. I am one lucky girl!

My Favorite Things About Susan

Disclaimer: Although it would probably sound cheesy to say “listing all of the things that fill me with love and pride for my wife, Susan, would fill a book the size of the Oxford dictionary,” it wouldn’t be untrue. And I’m not talking about the one that’s probably sitting on your desk; I am talking about the actual one in England that’s 80,000 pages and some 16 volumes. So you can see my dilemma in selecting just my top three in each category. However, I have done my best to keep to the ones most important to me; I just can’t promise they’ll be short, and for that I apologize.

Three (of the many) reasons I love my wife very much:

1.) Sense of Humor. It was the first thing that attracted me to her and it remains the primary reason for my affection. Her sick and twisted brain has me constantly guessing what she’ll say or do next, and that provides a renewed sense of excitement to every day. It also provides a great deal of entertainment for our friends and family which helps keep us all close.
2.) Compassion. Susan has a very high level of compassion for those around her. So much so that her emotions are highly dictated by her environment and the people in her presence. It’s as though she is so understanding, and wants to help others so much, that her brain makes her feel what others are going through. Sure she’s quick to refer to other commuters on the freeway in a matter that questions their sexual orientation, or what they may (or may not) put in their mouths, but without a doubt she would be helping that same person change a flat tire 15 miles down the road.
3.) Dedication. Her relentless dedication to me and our relationship is what has shown her affections for me the most. She takes great care in nurturing our relationship, and devotes much of her day to making my life better in every imaginable way. I am never without love in my life because of her care for me and her devotion to our marriage. She doesn’t judge me or nag, or try to get me to change; she just loves me as I am.

Three (of the many) things that make me proud of my wife:

1.) Quitting 3Form. This may need some explaining, but let’s just say it was the single most challenging situation for Susan that I have ever witnessed. The reason I feel it was a challenge was that it took Susan admitting she deserved better. It took guts to do it the way she did, it made a strong statement about how people see her, and it took self-esteem for her to believe in herself enough to do it. She took a situation where she was being treated very poorly and turned it into a crowning achievement in her life, and she did it with flair. She didn’t (despite my hope) urinate on the boss’s desk and then light it on fire or anything, but what she did was, relatively speaking, the same. She fought back, and that’s not something she’s likely to do.
2.) Talent and Intelligence. Susan can do anything and do it well. Whether it is a paint brush or a Playstation 3 controller in her hand, your can expect great things as a result. She is an accomplished artist with an increasingly impressive live of work that always stuns her audiences. She is always willing to try something new and it doesn’t take her long to master it. Her employer is constantly shocked at how well Susan can absorb information and quickly adapt it to the most efficient and streamlined workflow. Her insane ability to recall information gives her “savantian” qualities, and has propelled her through her scholastic and professional career. Susan passed a test for work after one seminar that no one else has passed, regardless of the tutoring sessions and study classes that she herself has given. She may be even too smart for her own good as it generated a constant stream of impatience for the idiots of the world.
3.) Beauty. Susan is hot; plain and simple. She is physically attractive and people notice her. She is completely oblivious to most of it, but it’s not a secret that the average level of attractiveness is elevated she she walks into a room. It makes me proud to walk around in public with her because I know others are wondering how a “gomer” like me ended up scoring someone like that. However, she does do that one thing here she sucks her top lip up to her nose. . .that can bring her down a notch or two, but because it’s so damn funny, it probably evens out.

Anyway, sorry about the length of this thing but we are talking about the greatest thing in my life, so it’s not something easily summarized. I’m not sure if she gets a chance to read this, but if so hopefully she laughed, because the nose-crinkle thing that happens I felt you should see for yourself. It’s number 24 on the list, right between “#23 – She buys me Pop-Tarts” and “#25 – She like llamas.”

If you get to read this…

I love you, baby.

Your loving husband,

Sthemi-Charmed Kind of Life, Baby!

Scene: Watching a Third Eye Blind concert on t.v.

Me: I can never take this guy seriously, because of his stupid lisp.

Jer: *as if sharing an interesting tidbit of information* Well I think he’s totally gay.

Me: *laughing at Jer* No, I think he just has a speech impediment.

Jer: *in all seriousness* You can’t just have a speech impediment, I think you actually have to be gay.

I Gotch’er Teefers RIGHT HEEYAH!

The BEST Thing I Have Seen In Weeks!

This. Is. Fucking. Genius!

I, seriously, peed my pants.


Pronunciation: ’ā-tē • ’tü • ’fif-tē

8.jpg Number of mosquito bites I have on my legs. It BLOWS! Have I ever mentioned that I am illergic to mosquitos? Not deathly, or anything…the bites just get to be about the size of a small dog, on average.

2.jpg Number of teeth poking out of Rocket’s lower gums. And just when you thought this kid couldn’t get any damn cuter!

5.jpg Number of weeks until our camping trip in Zions. I can’t wait!!

0.jpg Amount of love I have for the phone call I have to deal with tomorrow. It is the telephone hearing for my unemployment insurance appeal. I am tres nervous.

Everyday Life – Super Baby!