Remember When…?

Remember when I said that I hoped to pass my love of reading onto Rocket? I think my dream has already come true! He LOVES being read to. He will actually dig a book out from the bottom of his toy box, crawl over to where you are, and hold the book in your face as he is climbing onto your lap. Then he will sit there, forever, while you read book after book after book to him. Sometimes when he is playing by himself, he will grab a few books and look through them over and over. If the book is upside down, he will even correct its orientation so that he is reading it the right way. How funny is that!

Remember when Oliver had two teeth? He now has twice that amount. A third came in on the bottom and recently a top tooth has made its entrance into the world. He likes to click his bottom teeth against his top tooth, and his face is so damn cute when he does it.

Remember when I said I stopped using that bullshit Babywise method? Well, for the past month or so, I have been doing pretty much everything that that book said we should absolutely not do. Like feeding your baby to sleep, and going into their room to comfort them everytime they fussed, etc. etc. And you know what? It’s fucking working!! For the past week Rocket hasn’t cried at all when we have put him to bed for the night. AAAAANNNNDDD for the past three days he has slept from about 8PM straight through until 7AM. (I believe!! Halelujiah!!) So if anyone ever hands you this book and tells you it worked wonders for them, calmly take it from their hands and then SLAP THEM REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE WITH IT. Babywise, my ass.

4 Responses

  1. Lil moonspun had a long time when she had two top teeth and two bottom teeth and that was all…it was very cute..
    Books are great…and I am sure Rocket will always love you to read to him!
    Love the pic of your men!
    And as far as sleeping and such? You have to do what is instinctual to you and your baby. Forget the damn books!

  2. My 3 yr old niece drives me crazy with the book reading! lol She always wants me to read the same book to her 4-5 times in a row. Then she sits there and reads it back. 😉
    Love the teeth!

  3. Hey, whatever works is my motto when it comes to getting the kiddos to sleep. Well, short of letting them swig off a bottle of whiskey 😉

    Glad to see you back around, girl!!!!

  4. Right before we had Dylan, Cameron asked his favorite professor about fatherhood. He said, “the one thing I really regret most, is letting my kids cry it out at night. I can still hear them crying sometimes and I wish I could go back and just hold them, comfort them. When it comes down to it, who cares about getting up at night a few months longer than normal. It is only a few months out of an entire lifetime that I get to soothe my baby, why did I give that up?
    I always think of that when my kids won’t sleep, and it truly does wonders to just let them know you are there. I know I coddled them for a bit longer than I should have, but I would rather regret that in the end if I had a choice.

    You are a great mommy! And he is a CUTE kid!

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