A Year of Oliver

Today our little Rocket turns one! This has been one of the greatest and most challenging years of my life and I wouldn’t change one minute of it. He is more amazing than we could have ever imagined.

Happy birthday, Ollie! We love you!



10 Responses

  1. Oh MY but he’s cute.

    Happy Birthday Rocket!

  2. Hi Sus! Followed you over from Moonspun’s place. Happy Birthday to Ollie! He is just gorgeous!

  3. Aw, bless him. 🙂 Happy birthday wee boy!

  4. It never fails to stun me the transformation babies go through in a year’s time! Happy birthday to your cutie!

  5. Aww! You have such a gorgeous boy. I love that age. Enjoy, Mama, because the next thing you know, he’s going to be nine ;O

  6. Holy crap, a full year? Holy crap.

    Happy Birthday, kiddo!

  7. What a stud!

  8. Yeah, happy birthday!!!! His eyes undo me everytime…I bet he has the personality to match and clearly fantastic parents!!!

  9. He just gets cuter and cuter!

    A very happy birthday to Oliver and congrats to you and your hubs for surviving the first year!

  10. I’m still just in disbelief that it’s been a year! Oh happy day, Oliver!

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