Of Course He Would Have a Kick Ass Birthday Cake.

We take our cake making very serious in this household.

The plan, drawn by Jeremy.

The cake.

14 layers, baby! Fourteen.

10 Responses

  1. And extremely tasty too!

  2. HOw do you cut it?

  3. That’s amazing! I feel a bit speechless. How did the little rocket like it?

  4. That is the most incredible cake I have ever seen!!

  5. Wholy smokes that is awesome!

  6. Did you eat all of it?

  7. It was delicious!

  8. Holy cow!! That’s awesome!

  9. Girl, THAT is the balls!!

    But how did you get that ginormous thing to stand up?

  10. I am truly impressed. Especially by the schematics.

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