An Interpretive Dance I Like to Call, “The Bullet Point.”

Excuses for neglecting my blog (feel free to believe whichever you choose):

  • I was attacked by a mob of angry chickens.
  • Damn those holidays. They take up all your time.
  • I have attempted to have some semblance of a life outside of my home/away from my computer.
  • I developed an unnatural fear of cheese and avoided mice of all kinds.
  • I didn’t feel like writing.
  • I am a giant, insensitive douche.
  • Bacon.

Kickass New Rocket Tricks:

  • He will act out and mimic the sound for the following animals: dog, cow, chicken, rooster, bear, fish, lion, monkey, horse, sheep, and elephant.
  • He is walking!
  • Musical instruments he will pretend to play: drums, fiddle, and guitar.
  • He gives high fives, bumps fists, and gives eskimo kisses.
  • When asked what The Count says, he responds with , “Ah! Ah! AAAAAAH!”
  • He is learning to feed himself. A bath is occasionally required after one of these sessions.

  • He headbangs in his car seat whenever we play any Metallica while driving.
  • He will also headbang to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. That song, apparently, fuckin’ rocks.
  • When the theme music for Family Guy begins, he will immediately stop whatever he is doing and intently watch the television.
  • You can ask him to bring you a specific book from his collection and he will bring it right to you.

A Photo Montage I Like to Call, “Playing Catch Up.”

Oliver’s 1st Birthday

That last two photos are not a photoshopped joke. We actually gave him a gigantic piece of cake to trash. He munched on this for about twenty minutes. After the party it took another two hours of cruising round and round the couch before he finally passed out on the floor.

Gingerbread, Bottle Rockets, Gun Powder, Oh My!

Your Assignment For Next Week:
Submit a question (or more, if you would like) to the Ask Sus Anything Your Heart Desires panel. You can submit your question(s) in the comments of this post. Answers will be given a week from today.

5 Responses

  1. Um, are you sure that was food you were feeding him? That looked like…oh never mind.
    LOVE the birthday pics! And yea rockets for rockets.
    Hmmm….a question….Name three favorite movies you could watch over and over (like the kind if I came to visit and I hadn’t seen them, you’d sit me right down in front of the tv to make my life right). and name three reasons you love them.

  2. I’ll only ask you a question if you come play my game too! I started an “Ask Madwoman Anything” game earlier this week. Fun isn’t it?

    OK…my question: If you had to choose between living in a house with no roof in a constantly rainy climate OR living in a city with walkways that are all hot coals and you have no shoes (or any mode of transport besides walking)..which would you choose?

    Oh. And I think you should use Bacon as your excuse for not being here.

  3. All of a sudden he looks different. Like, maybe it’s because he looks like a little boy and not a baby but he looks soooo different. Like Jeremy? I mean, he couldn’t possibly look MORE like Jeremy but yeah, he does.

  4. Everybody should have a piece of cake that size on their birthday!

    Bacon, definitely bacon.

  5. Dear Sus, WTF? That’s my question.


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