I Wonder How Long of a Title WordPress Will Allow Me to Create? Hmmm, So Far It Looks Like It Can Be as Long as I Want It to Be. Awesome.

Sorry about that. I was curious to see what I could get away with as far as a post title was concerned. Maybe one time, just for shits and giggles, I will publish my entire post as my title. Yeah. Probably not. But maybe I just might. You never know.

I like to keep you people on your toes.


Why have I been so neglectful of this blog? Several reasons, but the biggest and most important reason is that I have been spending quality time with Rocket. Time is moving at a RAPID pace when it comes to my little guy (Ok, not so little. He has moved right out of babyhood and dived head first into toddler) and I fear that before I know it he will be driving away with his panties in a wad (my husband is yelling in his mind, “BOYS DON’T WEAR PANTIES!!”) because I made him stay home and eat dinner with the family instead of going to the movies with his friends.

Yes, I will be that kind of mom. The mom who wants to instill in her kids that family comes first no matter what. The mom who believes in the importance of family dinners, of spending time together playing games and going on trips (no, I am not talking about week long trips to Disneyland, I am talking about the last minute camping trips to a locale a mere 10 miles from your home or even in your own backyard). The mom who goes to all the parent teacher conferences and knows how her child is doing in school. The mom who yells, “I LOVE YOU!!!” out the car window to her embarrassed teenager in the hopes that, even though he is humiliated, deep down he knows and feels the same way.

My parents did an OUTSTANDING job when it came to instilling these values in their kids. My best friends are my sisters and brother and my parents. My parents were very young when they were married and had all of us. Because of this we basically grew up together (to put it in perspective, my mom and dad are 53, my older sister is 34, I am 32, my brother is 30 and my sister is 29), and this resulted in a closeness that I have never witnessed in any other family. We still get together weekly or more to have dinner or to just hang out. (Well most of us. I hate that my youngest sister, Jenn, lives clear across the US. Do you hear that Jennifer Jennifer Crotch Crotch? Move closer!!)

I don’t know if I have said this on my blog before, but I LOVE being a mom. I love it more than I can say. I love it to the point of heartbreak, if that makes any sense. I find myself brought to tears on many occasions from the joy and miraculous wonder that Oliver is. I gives thanks daily for being blessed with such an incredible little boy.

I have been painting. Not alot, but I have finished four paintings in the past few months.

It’s a start that I am quite proud of and hope to continue. We hung a series of twenty paintings that I did a couple years ago, in our livingroom, and I hope that this will keep me inspired to continue painting.

I have also been working on project Brain Work, although it is not going as quickly as I thought it would. I am a little behind on my schedule to read all those books in three years. I just finished “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” by James M. Cain. It wasn’t bad. I am not really sure why it was in the top 100 books of fiction, and I am pretty sure this won’t be the last time I feel this way. I do think the title was very clever as a way of saying that you will get what’s coming to you.

So next up is “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,” by James Joyce. Another update to come!

4 Responses

  1. I’m in need of some new art! you should post some of your work here and see if I can pay you some money for them, but I’m very particular about the art I have in my house. On the note of family, I kind of wish I had a closer family, but with my eldest brother and youngest sister being 18 years apart that makes things somewhat difficult. I am happy that my son will be 18 when I’m only 39 years old.

  2. I’m jealous of the relationship that you have with your family. There is 11 years between my sister and I. I’m coming up to my 31st and she’s coming up to her 20th. We have very little in common and I was in a different country from the time she was 10 to 19. Hard to foster a relationship. And I’m not that close with either of my parents. Because of that though, I think I am more diligent in doing those same things you do. We have dinner together, we have game nights, movie nights, play in the park. I would rather be the embarrassing “I LOVE YOU” mom than one who pays no attention. Good for you!

    And um..thank you for the Brain Works link. I was running out of ideas for things to read and now I don’t have a shortage do I? I needed a new project!

  3. Oooo… a new banner, nice! And your art stuns me. It’s lovely.
    I know just what you mean about being a mom. I am filled often with emotion looking at lil moonspun, who (gasp) is nearly 10! She is stunning and I am so proud to be her mother.
    Rocket is a lucky boy, he clearly chose great parents.

  4. Beautiful painting! I have absolutely no painting talent whatsoever, so I doubly appreciate that of others. You are so right about being a mom and fostering a strong family life. Rocket is indeed a lucky little boy. 🙂

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