Serious slacker.

So over a YEAR AGO , I posted a little tag game that included creating some sort of gift for the first five who left a comment.

I haven’t thought about it since. (I know, pathetic.)

But I am trying to be better at following through and accomplishing what I say I am going to do. I am terrible at it honestly. As you may have learned from this blog, I am all talk and no do.

So if Heather, Rachel, LilSass, Britney, and Moonspun could kindly send me your addresses I will get your gifts to you by the end of the month (well at least finish them by that time, the shipping may take a little longer.)

Don’t forget that you have to post what you recieve and then do the same gift giving meme on your blog!

4 Responses

  1. That is pretty serious! But knowing you, so worth the wait!

  2. Sweet! Um, I posted it on my blog and there were no takers. Looks like I lucked out…I can’t wait to see what that creative mind of yours comes up with!

  3. I played this game on Facebook and now I need to go back and figure out who I owe gifts to. I’m so dense.

  4. What a great idea! I can’t wait to see the photos.

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