In Which I Ponder the Loss of Brain Cells

I think having a child has had an unfortunate affect (effect? see I can’t even remember which one would be the proper usage) on my brain. I can’t seem to remember shit. I used to be able to state facts and figures on a variety of topics, quote movie lines like I was reciting my ABCs, tell you the plot of the many books I had read.


I can barely remember what I said five minutes ago. Not what someone else said, mind you, but my own thoughts that came out of my own mouth.

I have started listening to NPR all the time, just to hear some adult conversation. And I hate listening to talk radio, so that should show you my level of desperation.

Is this normal? Does anyone else with kids have this problem? I tell you, it is the most irritating thing on the face of the earth. I constantly feel like I am losing my mind. I find myself getting rattled and confused when I try to have a conversation with someone. It is making me crazy? Does this go away? Is it a matter of spending hours a day with a 18 month old? What?

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  1. You’re too funny! My kids are just about 6 and 8 and I still have this problem. In fact, I just started listening to talk radio in the car in the hopes of firing up the brain cells that have been laying dormant for so long.

    It does go away. When the kids move the hell out. Or so I’m told.

  2. I can assure you that it is temporary. And one day Rocket will quote move lines right back at you. And not just Pixar ones…

  3. You know, I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon in my life with my three year old son. I think (for myself at least) it’s because of the lack of external stimuli

  4. Affect? Effect? Doesn’t really matter in spoken conversation, but yeah… Confusing.

  5. I was just talking to a friend about this yesterday and she told me that that myth of “prego brain” was just proven false. I don’t believe it. I .
    I have read a lot of articles about memory loss and brain shrinkage during pregnancy and I can’t believe that this one study is really going to falsify all of the others. I think its all linked to hormones and stress and a loss of adult conversation. But that is just me.

  6. Totally normal and totally temporary. I hope. Wait, what I was talking about again? And why the heck did I just enter this room? Is that ice cream in the microwave and a bottle sterilizer in the freezer? It does go away eventually, although I’m still waiting for my “eventually”.

  7. Welcome to mommybrain.

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