What the Fuck?

I had a really disturbing dream last night and I can’t seem to shake it. I don’t recall exactly where we (Ollie and me) were in my dream, but we were outdoors somewhere near a dumpster. Oliver decided it would be a brilliant idea to huck all of his toys into the trash and before I could stop him he had climbed up inside to retrieve them.

Of course I went after him, and once I was in the dumpster I noticed a baby doll. Or so I thought. The “doll” started to move and whimper and I saw that it was actually a live baby that someone has just left there. I quickly picked it up and wrapped it in the jacket I was wearing and, after helping Oliver out of the dumpster, we went to look for help.

Here’s where it REALLY gets fucked up.

As we are walking the little baby’s head started to flop back and its eyes sort of roll into the back of its head. This is when I notice that the baby’s mouth has been scarred over entirely. It can’t open it at all. It was like someone had cauterized it shut. I started panicking, looking around for a way to cut it open, and that is when I woke up.

Ugh. I am so unnerved by this. What could this mean? And what the hell is in my mind that would put these images together?!

5 Responses

  1. Holy crap that is creepy!

  2. That IS unnerving! What have you been watching on TV lately? My dreams get all weird after viewing too many CSI or House episodes in a row. Maybe the mute little one is representative of a wish or obligation that you’ve put aside for other things, and that needs some attention now. But what do I know?

  3. Pregnant maybe? I’m one of those odd people that isn’t affected by tv or reading true crime books just crazy pregnancy hormones, so I’ll stick with that guess.

  4. That is a creepy ass dream! What the hell kind of stuff are you eating before bed? Stay away from cheese!!

  5. Totally freaky…it’s hard to shake dreams like that when you have them. Don’t overanalyze…try to forget it…

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