#34 30X365 LilSass

Hello my lemon lime flavored puke compadre; my Jordan Catalano lovin’ partner in crime. Let’s get drunk on bacon and roll around in a pile of Candy Cane Jo Jo’s.

#33 30×365 Henry

Welcome to our family. You bring so much happiness to Karey and I love you all the more for it. Thanks for having us be part of your special day!

#32 30×365: O.B.

You sneaky little thing! How long you were sitting on the floor of my cubicle before I noticed you were there? Did you want the attention? Are you feeling unneeded?

#31 30×365: Vanessa

I am very impressed with, and quite envious of, the work that you do. Someday I would like to have a job as cool as that. Here’s to wishful thinking!

#30 30X365: Brian

You’re kind of an asshole. Why don’t you climb down from your ivory tower? Just because you can write code, it doesn’t make you a God. Just a huge nerd.

#29 30×365: Ex-Sales People at My Work

What kind of person over the age of 30 makes up shit to make it look like they have been out trying to get sales? No wonder you were all fired.

#28 30X365: Chick Who Makes Our Food at Cafe Rio

Give it up, lady. He’s taken. You can’t have him. Stop flirting with my husband. Don’t make me come over there and kick you straight back to your home land.

#27 30×365: People I Played Golf With Recently

Nine holes of golf should NEVER take 4 hours to play! You make me want to tear your arms off and beat you with them. PAY ATTENTION! GET YOUR ASS MOVING!

#26 30×365: Dirty Employee at Einsteins

I am pretty sure that your right hand isn’t magically sanitary. Please put on the other plastic glove before touching any part of my order. Oh and take a shower.

#25 30×365: Rigatoni Rocket Child

I don’t even know what you look like yet, but it’s like I have looked at your face my entire life. I hope I make you proud of me.